Pre-Tax Parking Reimbursement


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Pre-Tax Parking Reimbursement

The pre-tax parking reimbursement benefit is available for all full time benefits eligible employees without a Harvard Annual Parking Permit. This benefit allows commuters to spend up to $255*/month on a pre-tax basis for work related parking expenses incurred in combination with daily transit, walking, or bicycling commutes. 

There are three payment options available to get reimbursed for eligible parking expenses:

Pay Me Back: Arrange for account funds to be reimbursed to you for eligible parking expenses you've already paid. You must elect the Pay Me Back option for the month you wish to claim the reimbursement.

Pay My Provider: Arrange for convenient direct payments to your parking garage or parking provider. Simply log in to the online ordering platform and fill out a simple form to have eligible expenses paid directly from your account.

Pay By Debit Card: Use a WageWorks Commuter Card associated with your account to pay for parking. You decide how much money to load onto your card each month to cover your monthly costs.

Click here to learn more about these payment options. For more information please refer to the Pre-Tax Parking Reimbursement FAQ's.

Please direct all inquiries to either WageWorks 1.877.924.3967 or CommuterChoice, 617.384.7433


*Determined by the IRS and subject to change.