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Transit Benefit Terms and Conditions

  • The transit benefit allows for pretax savings on eligible transit products, pretax parking reimbursement for transit commuting, and 50% subsidy on MBTA products, in addition to pretax savings up to federal and state limits.
  • All participants must be fulltime benefits eligible Harvard University employees paid directly by Harvard University. Please note that University contractors, students, and affiliates are not eligible for the transit benefit. 
  • Participants can only use the 50% subsidy on one MBTA product.
  • This benefit can be used in conjunction with pretax savings on private transit products and or parking for transit commuting.
  • Participants cannot purchase both transit products and an Annual Parking Permit.
  • Transit products can be purchased in conjunction with the following Harvard permits: Evening Commuter Permit, Motorcycle Permit, Daily Permit.
  • This benefit is intended for commuting to and from Harvard University and is only to be used by the beneficiary, as allowed under IRS guidelines.
  • Transit pass use prior to the first day of the benefit month will result in an early usage fee equal to the total cost of the pass. The University is not responsible for this cost, and the fee will be deducted from the next available participant paycheck.
  • Harvard is not responsible for lost or stolen transit products and participants will not be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses. Bus and Subway passes can be replaced; however, lost or stolen Commuter Rail or Ferry tickets are not replaceable.
  • Participants are subject to ordering deadlines established by the MBTA, WageWorks, and Harvard University. Refunds will not be granted to those who are unable to access the online ordering platform by their desired date.  
  • Seasonal employees, employees on leave, and those who have been rehired by the University will be subject to standard transit ordering deadlines for new employees. 
  • Audits of the transit benefit program are performed to ensure compliance with these guidelines. Any falsifying of information or misuse of the benefit may result in the revocation of University transit benefit privileges, fines, and back charges. Violators may be reported to their human resources department.



    Transit commuters can recieve pre-tax savings on parking

    Fun Fact

    Over 7,500 Harvard employees receive a discounted MBTA monthly pass.

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