Parking Services is currently offering two options for those whose commutes and daily driving routines have been disrupted by coronavirus (COVID-19).  Both options will ultimately result in the same refund or credit amount.


Option #1 – Extend Your Parking Permit

This is the easiest option as it requires no action on your part, you do not need to contact us, and your permit dates will automatically be extended.  For example, if Harvard’s current remote work policy is in place for two months, a permit with the expiration date of June 30, 2020, would automatically be extended until August 31, 2020.  In this scenario, permit holders would not be charged for the months of July and August.  The actual dates are still unknown, but Parking Services will communicate with you once they are determined.

Essential personnel who must continue to drive to campus during this time will automatically have their permits extended.

If you choose to extend your permit, which again requires no action on your part, you can continue to park in your current location(s).  Please display your existing permit through the new extended date.


Option #2 - Cancel Your Parking

This option is recommended for people leaving the University or those who typically suspend parking during summer months.  When the University resumes normal operations and begins charging again for daily parking, you will need to repurchase a permit. You will be charged prevailing rates based on the permit start date.  We will make every attempt to process the new permit for your current parking location.

To cancel your parking, you must first fill out this online form and then mail your hang tag to:

          Harvard Campus Service Center

          1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 807

          Cambridge, MA 02138

If you have limited internet access you can contact the Campus Service Center at (617) 496-7827.

Once you cancel your parking, your permit will no longer be valid, and your access control credentials will be deactivated.  If you cancel parking but still need to come to campus, you can park at one of these designated locations without a hang tag:

  • HBS surface lot
  • Webster surface lot
  • Observatory lot
  • 52 Oxford Street Garage
  • Littauer
  • SEAS Lot
  • William James Lot

This list of parking locations available to vehicles without hang tags could change in the future.

Your permit will be cancelled on the date you either submit the form, call the Campus Service Center, or return your permit.



Accessibility Request

Q: I still need to come to work but want to cancel my permit.  I have a University approved accessibility accommodation for a parking lot not listed above.  Can I still park in the lot without my permit?

A: Yes, we will make special accommodations for University approved accessibility requests.  Please email parking@harvard.edu for details.


Mobile Permits

Q: I am considered essential personnel with a mobile permit who must park in different locations across campus. What is my best option?

A: Extending your permit is the best option. If you choose this option, no action is required.



Q: If I cancel parking, how long can I expect to wait for a credit or refund?

A: The length of time will depend on your method of payment (payroll deductions, credit cards, checks, etc.) We will do our best to process in an efficient manner however some refunds could take several weeks.


Returning to Existing Parking Location

Q: If I cancel my permit and reapply when I return, will I be assigned my current parking location?

A: Parking Services will do our best to accommodate parkers when normal University operations resume, but we cannot guarantee availability at your existing parking location. If you choose to extend your permit instead, your existing space will be maintained.


Payroll Deductions

Q: If I choose to extend my permit, will parking fees still get deducted from my paychecks?

A: Yes.  Your deductions will last until you pay your current permit in full (typically June).  However, you will not incur any costs or have any deductions for the extended time (in the example above, you will not be charged for July and August).  Both options, cancellation and permit extension, will ultimately result in the same refund or credit amount.


Permit Renewals

Q: The annual parking permit renewal season typically begins in April. Will the renewal season get pushed out?

A: Yes.  Like permits, the renewal season will get extended.


Permit Renewals

Q: If I cancel my permit and wish to renew for the fall, will I be able to use the online system?

A: No.  Only current permit holders, which includes people who choose the extended permit option, will be able to renew using the online system.  People who cancel will need to fill out an application.