Information for Special Olympics 2017 Parking

Information for Special Olympics 2017 Parking

Parking Permits for SPECIAL OLYMPICS 2017

Welcome parents and family members! The University’s Online Parking Permits Purchase System allows you to instantly purchase and print parking permits from your computer. If you plan to park on campus, we strongly recommend you use this system to secure your parking pass prior to arrival.

The Soldiers Field Park Garage is the designated parking facility for visitors during Special Olympics 2017 for Saturday and Sunday; the cost for the parking dashboard permit is $5.00 per weekend day. Each permit is valid from 7:00am until 11:30pm for the day it was purchased for. Please note: Permits will be available on site at either the Soldiers Field Park Garage or the HBS Business School Lot. The cost, however, will be $7.00 per weekend day.

To secure parking, please follow these steps prior to your arrival at the parking facility:

  • Visit:
  • Select Visitor and create an account and login into the website.
    • Department Name: Special Olympics 2017
    • Department Code: 1020
  • Select a Parking Facility
    • Special Olympics: SFP Garage
      • NOTE: This will be available for both Saturday, June 10, 2017 & Sunday June 11, 2017; if you need to park on both days, you will have to purchase a permit for each day.
      • The Soldiers Field Park Garage is located at 111 Western Avenue in Allston
      • Select Affiliation
        • Choose “Other”
        • When asked to specify, enter “Special Olympics”
      • Select a Permit Date
        • Please note: The parking dashboard permit will be valid from 7:00am to 11:30pm for the day(s) you choose.
      • Enter your license plate number
        • Should you be coming to campus in a rental vehicle and do not have the license plate information, please use “RENTAL” plus the last four digits of your phone number instead.
      • Pay for the parking dashboard permit using your credit card through our CyberSource Web Portal.
      • Print out the parking dashboard permit.
        • The permit is a .pdf or .png file available when you return to the Harvard University Daily Visitor Parking Permits Online Purchase System.
          • You can print the permit at a later point simply by going to “My Account” and then “Account History” – this will list all permits you have purchased and allow you to print any that have not yet expired.
      • Present the parking dashboard permit to the attendant at the booth to receive your access ticket. This ticket will allow access into and out of the garage for pedestrians and vehicles.  Please be sure to keep it with you at all times.
      • Display the parking dashboard permit on your vehicle dashboard when parked in the garage.

      See the attendant at the booth anytime during your stay if you have any access issues.  The attendant can replace lost or deactivated cards 24-hours a day.

    Visiting the Parking Office

    For information about visiting the parking office, click here.