Payment Options

Payment Options

Annual permits can be paid for by any of the following ways:


All cash payments must be made in person for the entire annual fee.

Check or Money Order

All payments by check or money order must be made for the entire annual fee, and should be made payable to "Harvard University."

Payroll Deduction

Faculty and staff on the regular University payroll are eligible for payroll deduction of parking fees. Annual parking fees are divided evenly and deducted during pay periods from August through June.

Pre-tax payroll deduction

Federal tax laws have made it possible for Faculty & Staff to pay for personal monthly parking on a pre-tax basis. As regulated by the IRS, the pre-tax benefit is intended for those who use their cars to commute to work. Faculty and staff who do not live in University-owned facilities (or have 24-hour tenant parking) and are eligible for payroll deduction are eligible for the pre-tax benefit. The IRS pre-tax limit for 2016 is $255.00 a month.

Please note: Employees whose parking fees are payroll deducted are subject to IRS pre-tax regulations that generally prohibit refunds. We strongly encourage employees to give at least two weeks’ notice before cancelling parking privileges.

Credit Card

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Credit card payments must be made for the entire annual fee.

    Visiting the Parking Office

    For information about visiting the parking office, click here.