Snow Emergencies

Snow Emergencies

All tenants must report to their designated parking facilities during snow emergencies. Parking in other unreserved areas is prohibited, and vehicles that do so will be cited and/or towed to facilitate snow removal.

In the event that either the City of Cambridge or the City of Boston declares a snow emergency, the University grants Cambridge/Boston residents the right to park in designated University facilities. The Soldiers Field Park Garage and the 52 Oxford Street Garage are currently designated for Allston and Cambridge residents, respectively. Space is limited, and availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. The University reserves the right to cease admittance due to capacity limitations and operation issues. All vehicles must exit these facilities within two hours after Snow Emergency status is lifted.

Any University permit holder who does not have 24-hour parking privileges and believes that weather conditions prohibit driving home safely may use these lots during declared snow emergencies.

The University reserves the right to move any vehicles that prohibit plowing or snow removal. All efforts will be made to contact the individual prior to moving the vehicle to a nearby parking space.

    Visiting the Parking Office

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