Underutilized Parking Options

Underutilized Parking Options

Beginning on July 1, 2017, Harvard University Parking Services' Underutilized Parking option is available to all commuting faculty, staff and students.  This offering includes a reduced-cost permit for a facility that Parking Services has identified as consistently exhibiting a large number of available spaces. The 2010-2020 designated Underutilized Parking facility is the Peabody Terrace garage.

  • 2019-2020 Underutilized Parking Unreserved permits will cost $1,668.00 annually
  • Discounts apply to Morning, Afternoon, 3-Day and 3PM permits
  • The Underutilized Parking permit fee will increase annually at the same rate as other permit types
  • Underutilized Parking permits may be restricted based on facility size and demand
  • A wait list will be created if demand exceeds availability
  • Parking Services reserves the right to change or relocate the Underutilized Parking facility based on operational needs

If you currently have an unreserved Peabody Terrace permit and renew online, your new hang tag will automatically be processed at the reduced rate. If you currently have a permit for another location but are interested switching to this program, please contact the main office via email at parking@harvard.edu or by phone at 617-496-7827.



    Visiting the Parking Office

    For information about visiting the parking office, click here.