Evening Van Service

Evening Van Service

Welcome to the New and Improved Evening Van Service!  

What’s New:

We have launched the new Harvard Evening Van app which is more efficient and provides a more convenient rider experience.  Just download the Harvard Evening Van app in the app store, create an account using your Harvard email, and then book a ride! 

To provide the best service, riders will sometimes be asked to walk a short distance to a designated pickup location. This allows the system to operate faster so you will be picked up and dropped off sooner. We have selected many pickup locations that are safe and convenient.

What we do:

The Harvard Evening Van transports faculty, staff, and students safely around campus as a supplement to our fixed route shuttle bus system. We only operate in the Cambridge/ Allston campus and within University boundaries which can be seen here: Boundary map download.

To see if a fixed route bus can get you to your destination faster, click the Shuttle Tracker icon in the upper right or Click Here

The service operates every night between 7:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. throughout the academic year. The last ride request is accepted at 2:15 a.m.  After Commencement and until classes begin, the service operates from 7:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m., last call is at 11:30.  No advance reservations are accepted, book the ride when you need it.  This service is free to use for the Harvard Community.

Please note that this is a shared service. Be considerate of other riders by being ready to board when the van arrives and patient as the van may service other passengers during the trip.

How to use the new service:

  1. Download Harvard Evening Van in the app store:
    1. iOS
    2. Android
  2. Create an account using your Harvard University email
  3. Book a ride!

While using the app is the fastest way to get a ride, if you would like to book a ride by phone, please call our new booking line at: 617-401-0758. If you are still having difficulty booking a ride, contact the Transportation Services main line at 617-495-0400.

    Service Information

    • No pets are allowed on the vans.
    • No smoking or open containers of alcohol are allowed on Harvard Vehicles.
    • Moving large objects is not allowed on the Evening Van, no objects larger than what can fit on a lap are permitted.
    • Riders going to multiple destinations must book their own rides.
    • Passengers must be at designated pick up spots when the van arrives. Late passengers will lose their ride and need to rebook.
    • All vans are equipped with bike racks for your convenience