Transit Commuter Options During COVID-19 University Work Policy

Transit Commuter Options During COVID-19 University Work Policy

In response to the unpredictability around the coronavirus pandemic, the MBTA created a temporary transit pass credit program through the March 2021 benefit month when certain deadlines and/or mailing documentation by the user are met. The MBTA will no longer be providing new credits for active, unused transit passes effective April 2021. If you have credits stored in your account, you will not lose them.
If you do not plan on using your pass for the months outlined below and would like to receive credit for it, please follow the instructions below.

1. MBTA PERQ CharlieCard (LinkPass, Local bus pass, electronic inner/outer express pass)

If you have an active order between April 2020-March 2021 but do not use your PERQ CharlieCard during any of those months, a credit will be applied to your Edenred account. If you have an active order for any of those months and use your card just once, you will not be credited for that month's pass value. Any credits stored in your account will not be lost and will be applied to your next active order.

2. Commuter Passes (Commuter Rail Zone 1A through Zone 10, paper inner and outer express bus monthly pass, interzone monthly pass, monthly boat pass, Senior / TAP)

Pass must be returned to Edenred by the 1st of the month (i.e. March 1 for a March pass) to receive a credit on your commuter account.   
Passes must be mailed to: 
Edenred Customer Returns, PO Box 540515, Waltham, MA 02454.  Credits will be applied  in accordance with Edenred standard processing policies and IRS regulations. Please include your fulfillment letter, which will arrive in the envelope with your pass, along with the returned pass, so Edenred can track who the returned pass belongs to. To receive credit for your returned order, you must mail back your original pass. Photocopies are not accepted as returns.

Due to the short return window, we highly advise that Commuter Rail Passes are returned via USPS with tracking information. Passes that are not received by the deadlines noted will not receive an account credit, thus the responsibility to return and document that return rests with the passholder. 

The USPS allows you to purchase and print postage at home, and schedule next-day pickup for free. For more information visit

Please do not utilize FedEx or UPS as they do not deliver to PO Boxes. 

3. Commuter Check Voucher and Mastercard

Funds will not expire and can be used toward future benefit months. Returns not accepted.

4. Vanpool:

Vanpool members must reach out directly to their vanpool provider and request April funds be sent back to Edenred. If funds are returned by your vanpool provider, Edenred will credit your commuter account. 


Alternate Pre-Tax Option for Flexible Transit Commuting:

Due to the uncertainty around the return to work timeline and future commuting needs, a monthly pass may not be necessary. There is an alternate option that allows for commuting flexibility and cost savings available on your Edenred portal for your consideration:

  • Debit Card: Add pre-tax funds to a debit card that can be used to purchase any MBTA product, including but not limited to mTicket 10-Trip commuter rail bundles, 7-Day bus/subway passes and single rides. The funds on the debit card do not expire as long as you are employed by the university. Please refer to this useful guide to order a Commuter Check Prepaid Mastercard.


April 2021 Transit Elections

You may cancel or edit your April transit order by March 4th by calling 888.235.9223 or: 

  • Log in to the Edenred Commuter Benefits Site by visiting:, and use your Harvard Key credentials. 
  • Your current order should appear on the dashboard. Hover over the ‘Options’ button, and click ‘Edit Order’ to ‘Opt Out’ for April or ‘Delete Order’ indefinitely. 
  • For more information please refer to this tutorial


Update on Credits:

Edenred and the MBTA are working diligently to process credits. Please allow 30-90 days after the benefit month for the credits to be added to your account. You will receive an email from Edenred when they have done so. You may check your accrued credits by logging into your dashboard at with your Harvard Key, select "My Account" on the left side, and then "Adjustments/Credits". This box will display your credit history and usage. The credits roll over each year and if you haven't used them yet, they will be automatically applied to your next active order. 

CommuterChoice will continue to monitor MBTA policies relating to service and fare impacts and we will provide any updates via email and at Thank you for your understanding and patience during these difficult times. For questions please contact  

- The CommuterChoice Team  



  • Q. I have credits on my account, but do not plan on taking transit until 2021. What happens to my credits?
  • A.  Your credits will roll over from year to year. When you are ready to resume transit, they will automatically be applied to your order.


  • Q. When and how will the credits be reflected?
  • A.  Your credit will be reflected on your transit election dashboard 30-90 days after the benefit month and will be automatically applied to a future active order.


  • Q. What should I do with my PERQ CharlieCard if I do not plan on using it?
  • A.  If you have opted out or canceled your PERQ CharlieCard at anytime during the pandemic, you will receive a new one in the mail once you resume your order. If you had an active order throughout the pandemic (even if you did not use it), you will be able to use that same pass when you resume taking transit. 


Spanish translation for 9/3/20 email:

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