Extended Permit and Renewal Update (November 2, 2020)

The Parking Services team hopes that you and your family are doing well during these challenging times.

Extended Permits: Extend or Defer Permit

To minimize the impacts of COVID-19, the University stopped charging for parking in mid-March 2020. At the time we offered commuters two options, extend or cancel your parking permits. Faculty and staff who extended their permits kept their hang tags and were guaranteed their designated parking locations upon return. Payroll deductions continued for extended permit holders through the end of June 2020. These deductions resulted in a future credit of 3.5 months of parking.

In mid-August, we resumed charging for parking at substantially lower rates. These temporary reductions will continue during the spring semester.

If you extended your permit and are now driving to campus, you will not be charged for parking until the summer of 2021. The 3.5 months of parking credits will cover the reduced cost of parking for the remainder of the academic year. Continue to display last year’s annual hang tag when on campus.

If you extended your permit but will not be back to campus during the fall and/or spring semesters, please fill out this online form. Your facility access will be deactivated. You are still guaranteed your designated parking location next year and at that point you will receive up to 3.5 months credit on the new permit.

If you extended your permit and you are leaving the University, please notify the Campus Service Center at least two weeks before your departure. You will need to return your hang tag (mail preferred) and will be issued a refund. Please return your permit to the following address:

     Campus Service Center

     Smith Campus Center, Suite 807

     1350 Massachusetts Avenue

     Cambridge, MA 02138

Temporary Permit Expiration: Purchase New Permit for 2021

If you purchased a temporary hang tag this fall, it will expire on December 31st, 2020. The current reduced rates will be extended through the 2021 spring semester. If you wish to continue parking in January, you will need to purchase a new permit.

Please respond to the Campus Service Center staff by using this form by December 4th, so that we may assist you in a timely manner. Please allow 7-10 working days after you have submitted this form for the processing of your permit. Requests received after December 18th will be processed after Winter Break.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Campus Service Center via email at parking@harvard.edu or via phone at 617-496-7827.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Parking Services


Commuting Update (August 13, 2020)

As more members of the Harvard community return to campus, Harvard Transportation Services is transitioning from no-charge parking to the next phase of its plan to support those who commute to and from the University. Beginning Sunday August 16, 2020 and through the end of this calendar year, most commuter parking permits will be offered at significantly reduced rates (see table below). This temporary reduction from our typical rates will better align parking and public transportation costs, maintain our regulatory agreements with the City of Cambridge, and uphold Harvard’s commitment to sustainabilityPlease note that parking rates and policies are different in the Longwood area and information can be found on the Harvard Medical School parking website.

For those who utilize public transportation, the University still offers a 50% subsidy for MBTA passes as well as a number of other transit benefits. The MBTA’s Ride Safer program includes hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the system, requires all passengers to wear face coverings, and even provides real-time crowding information on busier routes.  MBTA vehicles and stations are also thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a routine basis.


FY21 Original Rate

New Temp Rate

Daily Parking Online

$20 per day

$10 per day

Daily Parking POS

$20 per day

$10 per day

Unreserved Garage

$211 per month

$75 per month*

Unreserved Surface

$197 per month

$70 per month*

3 Day Garage

$151 per month

$55 per month*

3 Day Surface

$145 per month

$50 per month*

Underutlized Garage (Peabody Terrace)

$144 per month

$50 per month*


$105 per month

$35 per month*

Reserved Garage

$396 per month

$190 per month*

Reserved Surface

$373 per month

$175 per month*

Temporary Reduced Carpool Rates

  Monthly Cost Per Carpool Monthly Cost Per Carpooler
2 Person Carpool in Garage $37.50 $18.75*
3 Person Carpool in Garage $18.75 $6.25*
2 Person Carpool in Surface Lot $35.00 $17.50*
3 Person Carpool in Surface Lot $17.50 $5.83*
2 Person Carpool at PETG (Underutilized) $25.00 $12.50*
3 Person Carpool at PETG (Underutilized) $12.50 $4.17*

*Available for pre-tax savings through payroll deduction


Previous Permit Updates:

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July 20, 2020



Accessibility Request

Q: I still need to come to work but want to cancel my permit.  I have a University approved accessibility accommodation for a parking lot not listed above.  Can I still park in the lot without my permit?

A: Yes, we will make special accommodations for University approved accessibility requests.  Please email parking@harvard.edu for details.


Mobile Permits

Q: I am considered essential personnel with a mobile permit who must park in different locations across campus. What is my best option?

A: Extending your permit is the best option. If you choose this option, no action is required.



Q: If I cancel parking, how long can I expect to wait for a credit or refund?

A: The length of time will depend on your method of payment (payroll deductions, credit cards, checks, etc.) We will do our best to process in an efficient manner however some refunds could take several weeks.


Returning to Existing Parking Location

Q: If I cancel my permit and reapply when I return, will I be assigned my current parking location?

A: Parking Services will do our best to accommodate parkers when normal University operations resume, but we cannot guarantee availability at your existing parking location. If you choose to extend your permit instead, your existing space will be maintained.


Payroll Deductions

Q: If I choose to extend my permit, will parking fees still get deducted from my paychecks?

A: Yes.  Your deductions will last until you pay your current permit in full (typically June).  However, you will not incur any costs or have any deductions for the extended time (in the example above, you will not be charged for July and August).  Both options, cancellation and permit extension, will ultimately result in the same refund or credit amount.


Permit Renewals

Q: The annual parking permit renewal season typically begins in April. Will the renewal season get pushed out?

A: Yes.  The 2020 annual permit renewal season was cancelled. The next annual renewal season will be April 2021.


Permit Renewals

Q: If I cancel my permit and wish to renew, will I be able to use the online system?

A: No.  Only current permit holders, which includes people who choose the extended permit option, will be able to renew using the online system.  People who cancel will need to fill out an application.