About Us

About Us

"To advance Harvard University’s mission of research and teaching, we partner to provide stewardship, strategies and services that create an exceptional community experience."

Campus Services Mission Statement


    John W. Nolan
    Managing Director of Transportation and The Campus Services Center
    John Pelletier
    Transportation Services Project Manager
    Debora Lizek
    Staff Assistant III to the Managing Director
    Betsy Shortell
    Director of Mail and Distribution Services
    Susan Richelson
    Associate Director Campus Services Center
    James Sarafin
    Director Parking Services
    David E. Harris Jr.
    Director of Transit and Fleet management


    Chris Tolkacz
    Associate Director Mail and Distribution Services
    Kenneth Toy
    Operations Supervisor
    Andre Fucci
    Delivery Manager
    Hytham Ashuraey
    Operations Manager

    Parking Services & Commuter Choice

    George Yeomelakis
    Associate Director, Parking Services
    James Kotzuba
    Associate Director Parking Services
    Benjamin Hammer
    Associate Director, CommuterChoice, TDM & Sustainability
    Robin Pulsifer
    Assistant Manager, Parking Field Operations
    Cassidy Drasser
    Program Coordinator, CommuterChoice
    Sam Provost
    Systems Specialist


    James Monahan
    Associate Director Transit, Fleet & Charter Services
    Jonathan Werner
    Supervisor, Transit and Charter Services
    Denise Byrne
    Staff Assistant III/Fleet Management
    Dolly Pacheco
    Staff Assistant III/Passenger Transport
    Sandy Boyle
    Customer Service Coordinator, Passenger Transport
    Steve Maffeo
    Lead Mechanic, Fleet Management