Director's Letter

Director's Letter

April 2019


Dear Harvard University Colleague:

Parking Services is committed to providing a myriad of commuting choices for Harvard faculty, staff, and students by focusing on innovation in technology, enhancing existing transportation options, increasing efficiency, controlling costs, and improving the customer service experience. Advancements that are being implemented this upcoming year include:

  • Redesigning our stand-alone Daily Online Permit system
  • Installing cameras at entry points in several garages
  • Piloting a new video intercom system at pedestrian doors
  • Testing a pedestrian door alarm system that will notify Parking staff when a door is left open
  • Piloting a new daily parking app in Allston, which will eliminate the need to print permits for the lot
  • Replacing dated access control equipment allowing more flexibility
  • Continuing our restoration projects in parking lots and garages
  • Improving signage in older parking facilities
  • Supporting transit development in Allston and connecting the new SEAS campus to Cambridge

Beginning July 1, 2019 parking rates will range from $190.00 per month for unreserved surface parking to $383.00 per month for reserved garage parking – an increase of $1.38 and $3.00 per week respectively.

We are working closely with Harvard’s Tax Office to clarify and implement recent changes to the Federal Tax Laws, including potential changes to pre-tax payroll deductions. We are committed to offering the best parking value to the Harvard community.

As a reminder, IRS regulations prohibit a refund of pre-tax dollars already withdrawn from an employee’s paycheck. To avoid overpayment when cancelling your parking permit, please notify the Campus Service Center at least two weeks in advance. Parking Services is obligated to follow this directive.

Our annual survey indicated only 15% of University employees drive alone to work in Cambridge – the national average is well over 70%! Harvard commuters continue to participate in alternative transportation programs and events that our CommuterChoice department offers. New and future offerings include:

  • Creating an orientation video highlighting commute options
  • Holding monthly bike events including Tune-up Thursdays
  • Promoting a bike and pedestrian safety campaign
  • Revamping covered bike parking in the Broadway garage
  • Scheduling carpool matching events across campus
  • Promoting the expansion of Transit Screens on campus

The Parking Services and CommuterChoice staff members are dedicated to helping you with any commuting questions or concerns. Please contact the Campus Service Center at 617-496-7827 or email To contact CommuterChoice, please call 617-384-7433 or email the department at




Jim Sarafin

Director of Parking and CommuterChoice

    Visiting the Parking Office

    For information about visiting the parking office, click here.