Mobile Parking Permit

Mobile Parking Permit

The demand for parking at Harvard University is at a very high level. We understand that work responsibilities sometimes require Harvard employees to travel to different locations across campus. The MOBL (mobile) parking permit authorizes parking in many unreserved parking locations throughout the Cambridge and Allston campuses, including parking at any of our staffed facilities.

Your MOBL permit is printed with a designation for your primary location. You must park in this area as much as possible to allow space in small, high demand areas and for others who may require emergency access. In order to keep parking areas open for regular permit holders, we ask that MOBL permit holders ensure that there are at least two open spaces in a lot before you park and limit parking to two hours or less in non-primary locations. If a MOBL permit holder is parked in restricted areas during non-MOBL times, they are subject to having their vehicle ticketed and/or towed, regardless if it is a personal or departmental vehicle.

To accommodate the logistic demands of the House Renewal project in the River Area, vehicles with MOBL permits will not be allowed to park weekdays between 8:00AM and 5:00PM in the Eliot Triangle or the Malkin parking lots. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed. Exceptions must first be preapproved by Parking Services.

Since MOBL permit holders can access both garages and surface lots, all unreserved MOBL permit holders will be paying the unreserved garage rate, regardless of their primary location.

Preferred MOBL Locations

MOBL permit holders are strongly encouraged to utilize the following locations whenever possible:

  • 10 Akron Street Garage
  • 10 Everett Street Garage
  • 28 Travis Street Lot
  • 5 Cowperthwaite Street Garage
  • 52 Oxford Street Garage
  • Broadway Garage
  • Harvard Business School Surface Lot
  • Observatory Lot
  • One Western Avenue Garage
  • Peabody Terrace Garage
  • Soldiers Field Park Garage
  • Webster Field Lot in Athletics

Limited Utilization Lots for MOBL Locations

In addition to the locations listed above, MOBL permit holders may utilize the following locations on a limited basis. Please note that MOBL permits are not allowed in these lots between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday - Friday:

  • Francis Avenue Lot
  • Littauer Lot
  • Eliot Triangle Lot
  • Perkins Hall Lot
  • Malkin Lot
  • Mill Street Lot
  • SEAS Lot
  • William James Hall Lot

No MOBL Locations

Certain designated locations remain posted as NO MOBL areas. These areas are restricted from use by MOBL permit holders on a 24-hour basis:

  • 1033 Massachusetts Avenue Lot
  • 8 & 16 Prescott Street Lots
  • Barker Center Lot
  • South Street Lot

If you must deliver materials or equipment to one of the restricted MOBL locations during unauthorized hours, please display flashing hazard lights and strictly limit your time to fifteen minutes while unloading. Once you have completed the delivery, please move your vehicle to the nearest unreserved area.

To apply for a MOBL permit, please have your supervisor provide documentation of business necessity. The number of MOBL permits issued by Parking Services is strictly limited due to capacity issues.

All MOBL locations are subject to change based on availability. Parking Services will update these locations on our web site and notify MOBL permit holders of any change.

    Visiting the Parking Office

    For information about visiting the parking office, click here.