LOOK Safety Campaign

LOOK Safety Campaign

The LOOK safety campaign is an initiative through the Harvard University Police Department and the Harvard Transportation Department combining educational, encouragement and enforcement strategies to remind motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to be alert and aware of their surroundings.


Ride Safe

  • Always ride in the same direction as traffic
  • Obey all traffic signals
  • Scan the road ahead of you
  • Do not wear headphones


Be Predictable

  • Stay in your lane
  • Look behind you before passing other cyclists

Wear a Helmet

  • Helmets are available at the CommuterChoice Office – 1350 Mass Ave Room 831 for only $10

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Obey Traffic Laws

  • Walk on the sidewalk when possible
  • Face traffic and hug the curb if walking without a sidewalk


Cross at Corners

  • Do not jaywalk
  • Cross at crosswalks if possible
  • Make eye contact with vehicles prior to crossing
  • Make sure that all vehicles are stopped at intersections before crossing

Dress Visibly

  • Wear white or light colored clothing, especially in dark conditions
  • Consider wearing products with reflective material including sneakers and bags

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Be Considerate

  • Cyclists are entitled to the same rights on the road as a motorist
  • Recognize road hazards that may be dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Use your right hand to open your car door to ensure that you look for passing cyclists


Pass with Care

  • Wait until it is safe to pass a bicycle and refrain from tailgating
  • Provide at least four feet when passing
  • Pass bicyclists slowly

Yield to Walkers and Bikers

  • Follow the law and be especially attentive at intersections and crosswalks
  • Allow bicyclists the entire lane if necessary
  • Always use turn signals


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Look stickers have been distributed to motorists throughout the Harvard community designed to combat dooring and increase awareness. To request stickers please email CommuterChoice.