Parking Updates

Special Olympics 2024:  Information about parking for the Special Olympics is here.

2024-2025 Parking Updates Effective July 1, 2024:

  • Select annual parking permit costs will be based on four salary tiers. These tiered rates are for full-time, benefits-eligible employees purchasing an annual 5-day commuter parking permit.
  • Available now! We have added the 2nd Shift permit, a new 5-day option from 2 pm – 3 am (tiered rates apply 7/1/24). 
  • 2 Hague Street Lot will resume as part of the traditional permitting system and FY25 permits will be issued at the regular Unreserved Surface price (tiered rates apply 7/1/24). 
  • Please find more details here.


Flexible Commuting Options:

  • You can find more information on flexible parking and commuting options here.


We are committed to providing safe, reliable parking as well as related motorist assistance to the University community.  We support the mission of the University through a collaborative effort that emphasizes flexibility, fairness, sensitivity, and mutual respect.


For Customer Service Support, please visit the Campus Service Center

For information about visiting the Campus Service Center, click here.