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Flexible Commuting to Campus

While some employees may commute to campus full-time, others may have a hybrid work schedule. With this in mind, Transportation Services has compiled flexible commuting options and services to meet the shifting needs of the Harvard community. 

Pre-Tax Savings on Flexible Parking and Transit Options

Transportation Debit Card

  • If you are choosing a flexible transit or parking option, you may enroll in a pre-tax debit card for an additional 30-35% savings. IRS regulations now permit using pre-tax parking and transit funds interchangeably, so you can use the flexible debit card for purchasing transit passes, parking at a transit station lot, and for daily/hourly parking at Harvard. 
  • For more information, including how to sign up for the debit card and a list of eligible parking and transit expenses, please use this helpful guide.


Daily Parking

  • Employees can purchase a daily parking permit here. Please print and display the permit on the vehicle dashboard.
  • Daily Parking Permit Rates/Harvard Affiliate Rate(Non-Affiliate Rate) as of July 1, 2023:
    • Weekday (7:00am-11:30pm) $13.00($22.00)
    • Weeknight (5:00pm-11:30pm) $7.00($11.00)
    • Weekend (Saturday or Sunday 7:00am-11:30pm) $7.00($11.00)

Hourly Parking

  • Pay as you park with no time limit using the ZipBy app at the 52 Oxford Street garage, Broadway Garage, Soldiers Field Parking Garage, Webster lot, and 2 Hague Street lot. Please visit ZipBy contactless parking for more information including pre-tax savings and tutorials. 
  • ZipBy Parking Rates as of July 1, 2023:
    • Harvard Affiliate Rate $1.50 (Non-Affiliate Rate $2.50).
    • Please visit ZipBy contactless parking for more information including pre-tax savings and tutorials.
    • Harvard affiliates, you must complete a form on the website for each location you are using to get the Affiliate rate.

Metered Parking

  • Four-hour metered parking is available at the Observatory, 2 Hague Street, and Webster Lots. The rate is $1.50 per hour. No permit is necessary for this option however there is a strict 4-hour limit.


Bus and Subway
One-way ticket

  • One way bus and subway tickets are available for purchase at any MBTA kiosk.

7-Day bus and subway LINK pass

  • These passes are valid for 12 months and available for purchase with pre-tax savings via payroll deduction at  transportation.harvard.edu/edenred.
  • Passes can also be purchased at any MBTA kiosk.

Commuter Rail and Ferry
5-day flex bundle

  • The MBTA sells these bundles at a discounted rate for commuter rail passes through their mTicket app.
  • 5-day flex bundles are valid for one month.

One way ticket

  • The MBTA sells one way commuter rail and ferry tickets available for purchase on the mTicket app.

Calculate the cost of your transit commute to determine whether a monthly pass or flexible transit pass is best for your commuting needs. You can calculate your breakeven point to find the best option for you.

Biking and Walking

Quincy-Dewolfe Bike Corridor

  • This establishes a north-south bike route connecting Harvard Square to Allston via the Weeks Footbridge. These one-way streets have a protected bike lane to allow for northbound access for bicyclists. Other improvements include wider sidewalks, raised crosswalks and a two-way cycle track. 

Bluebikes Stations

  • Harvard University has added a Bluebikes station at the Allston Athletics Complex and expanded the station at the i-lab. Harvard affiliates can access a discounted annual Bluebikes memberships here and view a station map here.

Bike & Pedestrian Map

  • Find bicycle facilities and infrastructure on campus using the interactive Harvard Map at map.harvard.edu.


Harvard Shuttle

  • Download the Passio Go! app for Harvard shuttle routes and real-time location and crowding information.

M2 Shuttle

  • The M2 shuttle runs between the Lamont Library in Harvard Square and the Harvard Medical School in LMA. Access the shuttle for free with your Harvard ID. The shuttle schedule can be found here.

More Resources

  • If you are thinking about switching commute modes, but need help selecting the best option, complete this commute assistance form and CommuterChoice will create a personalized plan for you!