Fleet Management

Fleet Management

We provide comprehensive fleet management services, including vehicle acquisition, leasing, preventative and corrective maintenance, and a fuel administration program to Harvard service departments and schools.  Our Lead Mechanic directs a team of ASE certified technicians and staff assistant at the Fleet Management Services (FMS) facility at 28 Travis Street, Allston, Ma.  This modern facility is equipped to handle repairs on a variety of Harvard’s vehicles, from diesel buses to off-road equipment.  Our parts inventory consists of over 300 cataloged items that are commonly used to make repairs.  ASE certified employees and a well equipped facility provide the support needed to make most repairs. 

Available Services

Vehicle Leasing Services

Vehicle Leasing Services are part of our business and includes acquisition, inspections, and maintenance. All acquisition costs related to leases are passed through to the customer. Management negotiates new vehicle purchases or leases with vendors and facilitates every aspect of vehicle procurement for our customers. The fixed fee cost of a full service lease is billed monthly to the customer.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance includes a customized program determined by frequency and type of use. Schedules range from monthly oil changes to federal annual safety inspections of commercial vehicles. .

Hourly Repair Service

Hourly Repair Service is available to Harvard University departments and billed at $96.00 in FY14 plus parts and materials.

Fuel Administration

Fuel Administration is available for all Harvard University department vehicles. This service is administered monthly through a cooperative effort between GE Capital Fleet Services and FMS. Billing records are electronically transmitted from GE then uploaded into the university billing system. Customers receive one monthly fuel charge, reduce administrative support time, and can track fuel purchases as needed. Our fuel administration program track not only fuel consumption but also provides employees with efficient access to most local fuel stations.

Alternative Fuel

Alternative Fuel was officially rolled out on Feb. 20th, 2004 with the introduction of B20 Biodiesel for our diesel vehicles. Biodiesel is clean, renewable diesel fuel substitute produced from agricultural resources such as soybeans or rapeseed (canola), or recycled cooking oil from restaurants. It can be burned in any standard, unmodified blend at any proportion with petroleum diesel. Our self service 2000-gallon filling station is equipped with the latest fuel tracking technology, exceeds all state safety regulations, and includes a full fire suppression system. This Biodiesel tank provides University drivers with 24 hr access to on site fuel and supports our long term goal of reducing both emissions of urban air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Fleet Management continues to explore and evaluate options with other alternative fuels and technologies that will provide cost effective solutions and environmental benefits to the greater Cambridge and Boston campuses. For more information, see related news articles and links below or visit the Office for Sustainability web site.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles in the Harvard fleet are limited to a Toyota Highlander purchased in 2005 and 2 Ford Escapes purchased in FY08. Fleet Management is currently evaluating the lifecycle costs of these vehicles, reliability, and functionality.

Insurance and Registrations

Insurance and Registrations for Harvard vehicles are provided by Harvard’s Risk Management office. Insurance is responsible for administering the Self-Insurance and Commercial Insurance Programs for the University, separate entities and various affiliates. The Insurance Department oversees the investigation of all claims and suits as well as the negotiation of any 3rd party settlements. Insurance monitors for compliance with risk management policies and procedures University wide and acts as an advisor to the University and its affiliates in situations relating to exposure, risk and insurance. For additional information please call Phone: (617) 495-7971 or visit the Insurance Department web page.

Emergency Road Service

Emergency Road Service on campus is provided to FMS fleet customers during regular business hours. Call 495-5589 for assistance.

Inspection Sticker Renewals

Inspection Sticker Renewals are monitored for expiration, and customers are notified in advance by FMS.

Provisions for Alternative Vehicles

Provisions for Alternative Vehicles and short-term rentals are facilitated by FMS when vehicles are out of service due to unscheduled repairs or preventative maintenance. FMS has loner/pool vehicles for use by department employees.

Vehicle Cleaning Service

Vehicle Cleaning Service is available to all Harvard University Department Vehicles through a joint program with Custodial Services. Located adjacent to the Fleet Facility and operating on weekdays from 12-4pm, employees can stop by for a full exterior wash. All water used in our operation is recovered rainwater.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics, lettering, and logos to match departmental specifications can be provided by Fleet Management.

Nitrogen for Vehicle Tires

Nitrogen for Vehicle Tires was introduced in December of 2007. Nitrogen filled tires last longer, provide increased safety, better fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs. Tires inflated with compressed air lose close to 2 psi/month but it takes up to 6 months or more for the same loss with nitrogen. More importantly, tires properly inflated with nitrogen provide a 3.3% average increase in miles/gallon, eliminate chemical aging of the tire, promote longer tire life by up to 25%, and increase re-treadability.


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