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Guaranteed Ride Home Program

The Guaranteed Ride Home Program supports Harvard green commuters with a free ride if an unexpected emergency arises. The program is for benefits eligible faculty and staff who walk, bike, take transit, carpool or vanpool to work. Simply take a taxi, ride hailing service, transit, Zipcar or rental car in the event of a qualified emergency, and the CommuterChoice program will reimburse you up to $100 for the cost of getting home. 

Who is Eligible?

Full time benefits eligible employees and postdocs paid directly by Harvard who walk, bike, take transit, carpool or vanpool to work. If you have questions about eligibility please email CommuterChoice. Harvard Longwood employees should use the MASCO Emergency Ride Home Program. Please note that the program may vary between campuses.

Qualified Emergencies

  • Unexpected personal illness/emergency
  • Unexpected family illness/emergency
  • Carpool or vanpool leaves due to an illness/emergency
  • Unexpected mandatory overtime

Not Qualified

  • Rides to work
  • Personal errands or pre-planned appointments
  • Scheduled overtime
  • Weather-related events
  • Transit system delays/closures
  • Vehicle failure

Acceptable Destinations

  • Home
  • Park & Ride lot or transit station where vehicle is parked
  • Child's school or daycare
  • Medical facility
  • Interim stops are accepted if they are part of the emergency (e.g. child's school then home)

How to Get Home

  • Taxi/Ride Hail - typically the quickest and most convenient option
  • Rental Car - if the trip is more than 20 miles and time allows for rental process
  • Transit - if timely service is provided between orgin/destination
  • Co-worker/friend - get a ride from an individual and they will be reimbursed for the mileage at the federal mileage rate
  • Zipcar - reserve a Zipcar and return it to the originating location the following day

GRH Trip Allowance

Individuals can submit up to four (4) reimbursement requests per calendar year. Tips are not reimbursable. Reimbursements are capped at $100 per trip.

Steps to Follow if an Emergency Arises

  1. Arrange for emergency transportation beginning at your workplace (HLC employees should follow these steps).
  2. Take the trip and pay for the emergency ride - make sure to save the receipt
  3. Submit for reimbursement within 30 days of the trip
    1. Transit, biking, and walking trips can submit their trip at using these steps.
    2. Carpoolers can fill out this form.
  4. Your check will be processed and mailed within 4-6 weeks of reimbursement submission

The University reserves the right to cancel or deny reimbursement claims or confirm emergency trip with your supervisor with or without cause at any time.

If you have questions about eligibility or receipts, please email CommuterChoice.