Parking Regulations & Citation Information

Parking Regulations & Citation Information

Parking on University property is subject to parking permit regulations. Endorsement of the parking permit application is consent to:

  • uphold University parking policies, permit rights, and responsibilities;
  • pay promptly any amount due the University for fines, fees, or expenses for violation of such rules or regulations by vehicles owned or operated by the permit holder;
  • follow all University Parking Services procedures.

In addition, the following basic policies apply to all who park on Harvard property:

  • parking regulations prevail at all times, including nights, weekends and holidays;
  • parking permits (i.e., hangtags) must be displayed at all times.
  • Parking Services Monitors and¬†Harvard University Police Department (HUPD)¬†Officers are empowered to enforce parking regulations and issue citations.
  • All vehicles parking on University property must possess a license plate and valid registration sticker, or risk being considered abandoned and removed from University property.

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