Snow Emergencies

Snow Emergencies

Harvard University Parking Services is pleased to offer Cambridge residents access to our garages during declared snow emergency parking bans. This opportunity allows the City of Cambridge to effectively plow the streets while giving tenants a safe place to park their cars during snow storms. Hundreds of residents have used this benefit over the years and we have received a tremendous amount of support from the community.

To continue to offer this program while accommodating Harvard’s daily operations, it is essential that Cambridge residents respect this privilege.  Participants should only come to the garage when a parking ban is announced by the City. This offering is not available during every snowstorm. Unless pre-approved, residents should arrive no earlier than two hours before the parking ban starts and must leave two hours after the snow ban is lifted. Harvard reserves the right to limit the numbers of vehicles in any garage and may offer an alternate location.

In past years, resident vehicles were parked in the garage several hours after the ban ended, which severely impacted faculty, staff and students coming to the University. Those vehicles were cited.

The quickest way to check if you received a violation or pay a citation is to visit our online web portal at:

Vehicles that have outstanding citation balances or continue to park in the garage long after the ban is lifted will not be given access during future snowstorms.

    For Customer Service Support, Please Visit The Campus Service Center

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