Virtual Bike Month

Virtual Bike Month

With everything that is happening, CommuterChoice wants to give you something healthy, positive and fun to try out at home. While the official 2021 "Bike Month" has once again been postponed for September, we would still like to celebrate our biking community while we are working from home. Please remember to practice your local social distancing guidelines if you are going out for a walk, bike or jog.

MassBike Spring Challenges

How to Participate:

  1. Join the MassBike Group on Love to Ride
  2. Start biking every day
  3. Log your trips on Love to Ride

Monthly Challenge Themes

  • April - 30 Days of Biking - Take a bike ride every day (even if it's just around the block)!
  • May - Bike To Work, Bike To School, Bike Before Your First Zoom - MassBike is challenging you to commute one day a week by bike or to take a bike ride before your workday to simulate a bike commute.

MassBike will be rolling out challenge themes and rules soon. Stay tuned on their FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages. 

Learn How to Tune Up Your Bike At Home

Park Tool offers educational bike mechanic tutorials for FREE. The videos range from beginner to advanced skill level repairs. You can find them all here.

If your bike is beyond an "at home repair", did you know that bike repair shops are deemed essential and some are still open? Be sure to give them a call beforehand in case they have altered their drop off/pick up procedures.

Or, you can watch Stephen Colbert change a bike tube.

Build Up Your Bike-Riding Confidence

While the roads are empty, you might be thinking that now is the perfect time to dust off your bike and practice riding. After you have mastered your at home tune-up skills or brought your bike to a shop, you can follow these simple steps to ride like a pro:
1. Brush up on your cycling skills. The League Of American Bicyclists has some tutorials to help you get back on your bike.
2. Find an appropriate route to ride. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council has an interactive map that can help you find the best biking and walking routes. 
3. Practice, practice, practice! Build up the confidence on quiet streets and multi-use paths now, so you can ride with ease when restrictions subside.

Remember to practice social distancing by biking solo or with your quaranTEAM.

Virtual Bike Workshop Series

You can find a collection of the workshop recordings along with other video tutorials here.

"Maintain your bike, wits and distance" - Wednesday, June 3, 2020. View the workshop recording here.

We all know that bicycling is a great way to get around town, keep fit, and reduce your carbon footprint. And especially during this time of quarantine, going on a bike ride is a great way to keep yourself healthy by clearing your head (while keeping distance from others). But, along with your mental health, you've also got to maintain your bike if you want your ride to go as planned... so we're here to help you know what to check so you're ready to roll.

Please join us for a lunchtime virtual workshop to cover how to maintain your bike to keep you riding safe and smooth. Our knowledgeable instructors from MassBike will go through the basics in an hour-long presentation to cover how to diagnose your bike's ABCs (Air, Brakes, and Chain). You'll come away with a bit of home-mechanic know-how, so you can check the condition of your bike, and also fix your bike when things start to go awry.

"Everyday Biking" - June 17, 2020. View the workshop recording here.

Curious about getting out on two-wheels, but hesitant about how to get going? You’re not alone! This everyday biking seminar is geared toward sharing the knowledge and empowerment to take your riding into your own hands, and getting out on the roads, bike lanes, and pathways to get yourself to exercise, run errands, and have fun. Biking is fast, free, and fun (and you’ll get fit), and the experts at MassBike have honed their tips to get you over those barriers. Come with your questions and your stories, and learn along with fellow bikers on campus. You may even gain a bike-buddy to try the commute!

Our knowledgeable instructors from MassBike will go through the basics in an hour-long presentation, and answer questions coming from our attendees.

"Fix a Flat" - July 29, 2020  View the workshop recording here.

The dreaded "flat tire" is one of the most common problems faced when out on a bike ride. But with a little know-how and the right tools you can fix your own flat and keep rolling to make it home safe and sound. On this webinar we'll cover the basics of changing out your tires and tubes, and how to diagnose common problems that can cause a flat tire. You can join along at home, or wherever you'll be, and follow along to get the skills needed to make sure your ride isn't ruined just because of a punctured tube.

This event is hosted by Harvard CommuterChoice and MassBike, but is for everyone! Please join in with anyone you're quarantined with.Please pre-register here and you will be sent a Zoom link invitation.

"Bike Advocacy 101" - August 19, 2020. View the workshop recording here.

These days, many folks are finding a newfound appreciation for bicycling as they are heading out on the paths and trails for recreation, fitness, and fun. But with all the new riders, we're also seeing new bike lanes and pathway connections, shared-streets in neighborhoods and businesses districts, expanded bicycle share options, and even new types of bikes! Join us as we talk about the current status of some of the major breakthroughs happening in bicycling advocacy, from the grassroots movements to the State House, that impact better bicycling locally and throughout the region. Come with your questions about a particular issue or challenge you'd like us to cover.

"Nutrition, Clothing and Biking in Inclement Weather" - September 23, 2020. View the workshop recording here.

You don't need to only be a fair-weather rider! This webinar will focus on how to tackle the rain, snow, and long-distance riding. We'll talk about how to plan for nutrition, for the proper clothing, and how to change your technique and routes if caught in inclement weather.

"Bike Touring - Routes, Resources & Recommendations" - October 28, 2020. View the workshop recording here.

Long distance bike rides are a great way to explore the world from behind the handlebars, especially encouraged by physical distancing in the time of COVID-19. You can pretty much go anywhere on two-wheels if you have the proper bike, the right gear, and an open mind. This workshop will focus on some of the tips/tricks of heading out into the world on a multi-day trip, from credit-card touring all the way to carrying all your gear and supplies. We'll share routing tips, resources to tap into, considerations to keep in mind during COVID, and some exciting tales and photos. Come with questions and your own stories to share, and be ready to be encouraged to set an out-of-office reply and take off into the wild.

"Winter Biking" - January 13, 2021. View the workshop recording here.

Learn tips and tricks for riding your bike in the winter. Come with questions, challenges you've faced, your go-to winter riding routes and your own stories to share.

Save the date for future virtual workshops!  

  • "Clean (or dust off) Your Bike" - April 21, 2021 at noon. RSVP here.
  • "Riding Around Harvard: New Bike Infrastructure!" - May 26, 2021 at noon. RSVP here.


Book a virtual appointment with CommuterChoice staff

The CommuterChoice Office might be working from home, but we are still here for you! We are excited to announce that you can now set up a virtual appointment with us discuss anything from commuting assistance, commuter benefit questions, and more. You may book a virtual appointment here.

Park & Pedal

As we begin to return to work and travel, we can expect to see a dramatic shift in behavior surrounding transportation. Park & Pedal is an alternative for transit users whose commute is a little too long to bike the entire way. It offers a single occupancy mode of transportation that reduces the risk of exposure to contagions, but does not cause, or get stuck in, traffic.

Park & Pedal is a network of parking stations conveniently located within cycling distance from Cambridge, Allston and the Longwood Medical Area, allowing you to park your car in a designated spot, and pedal a bike to work, avoiding “last-mile” congestion and parking in the city. Find a Park & Pedal hub closest to your campus at

Check out this one-page guide on how to use the Park & Pedal. Register for the Park & Pedal with CommuterChoice here.