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Edenred Commuter Benefits

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Commute to work with colleagues and save up to 75% on an annual parking permit.

Benefits eligible Harvard employees and postdocs not living on campus, along with contractors covered by the University Wage and Benefit Parity Policy who carpool to the Cambridge or Allston/Brighton campuses at least four days per week are eligible for on-campus parking in unreserved garages and lots at a reduced rate of 50% off for a two person carpool and 75% off for a three or more person carpool.

Carpoolers are eligible for up to four Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) trips per year in the event of a personal or family emergency or unexpected overtime. In addition, each carpooler with a registered vehicle can drive alone up to four times per month by printing out a one-day permit

Carpools must be approved by CommuterChoice and the Campus Service Center. All members of the carpool must be in the car together for the majority of the commute and eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that University students and affiliates are not eligible for the carpool benefit.

Steps to Form a Carpool

1. Identify a carpool partner. For help finding a carpool partner use Bay State Commute or the Harvie Classifieds & Conversations "Ride Share" platform.

2. Read and agree to the Carpool Program Policies.

3. Complete online carpool policy form. Both you and your carpool partner will need to fill it out separately. 

4. CommuterChoice will follow up with you when all parties have completed the online carpool policy form. You may email CommuterChoice or call 617.384.7433 with any questions.

FY25 Rates

  Discount Annual Cost Per Carpool Annual Cost Per Carpooler
2 Person Carpool in Garage 50% Off $1,410 $705
3 Person Carpool in Garage 75% Off $705 $235
2 Person Carpool in Surface Lot 50% Off $1,311 $655.50
3 Person Carpool in Surface Lot 75% Off $655.50 $218.50


FY25 permits are valid for 12 months starting July 1, 2024

    Carpool One Day Parking Permit

    Register and print your one day permit. Carpoolers can drive alone up to 4 times per month.


    Carpool discounts for Longwood Faculty & Staff.

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    Guaranteed Ride Home

    EmergencyRideHomeNARROW_iStock17374915_Header.jpgEmployees who do not drive alone to work can be reimbursed for up to four trips per year via taxi or rental car in the event of a personal or family emergency.

    More info here