Event Fee Structure

Event Fee Structure

Event Fee Structure (Effective July 1, 2023)

Event time (Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends, Holidays)
# Of Vehicles Cost Per Hour Minimum Cost
0-10 $50 an hour $200
11-25 $60 an hour $240
26-75 $70 an hour $280
76-150 $100 an hour $400
151-250 $150 an hour $600
251+ $185 an hour $740

A $125.00 administrative fee will be assessed to any booking/change made less than two weeks in advance (if accepted by Parking Services).

Minimum billing costs are based on contract requirements of the Monitor union (HUTCW) for filling of shifts.

Parking Services reserves the right to require additional monitor coverage and traffic control for large events. The costs for additional monitor coverage will be $50.00 an hour, per monitor, for a minimum of four hours.

Events booked for less number of vehicles than actual counts will be charged accordingly.

Events booked for a parking facility that is not open on weekends require a six-hour minimum.

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