Permit Type FY22
Reserved Garage 3,960.00
Reserved Surface 3,730.00
Unreserved Garage 2,110.00
Unreserved Surface 1,970.00
3-Day Garage 1,200.00
3-Day Surface 1,150.00
Afternoon/Morning Garage 1,510.00
Afternoon/Morning Surface 1,450.00
3:00PM Garage 1,050.00
3:00PM Surface 960.00
*Peabody Terrace Unreserved Garage (Underutilized) 1,440.00
*Peabody Terrace 3-Day/Afternoon/Morning Garage (Underutilized) 1,030.00
*Peabody Terrace 3:00PM Garage (Underutilized) 730.00
Metered Surface 610.00
Evening Commuter Garage/Surface 140.00
Webster Field Surface 4:00am-8:00am 50.00
Harvard Institute for Learning/Retirement Garage (August-May) 490.00
Motorcycle Sticker 330.00
Vendor 4,570.00

*For more information on the Underutilized Program, please click here.

For information on carpool subsidies, please click here.

Important Reminder: The Tenant parking permits are valid for 12 months starting July 1, 2021.

Permit Type FY22
Tenant Garage 4,320.00
Tenant Surface 3,900.00
Holden Green Only (Tenant Surface) 1,572.00
Shaler Lane Only (Tenant Surface) 1,128.00

Visiting the Parking Office

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