Motorcycles & Scooters

Motorcycles & Scooters


Motorcycles require permits to park on campus and are subject to all the same parking regulations as all other motor vehicles. For a list of available motorcycle parking locations, please contact the Parking Office. Faculty, staff & students can purchase an annual 2023/2024 parking permit for their motorcycle for $420.00.

Massachusetts’ law requires that all motorcycle operators and their passengers wear helmets at all times


Motorized scooters are considered to be motor vehicles and are subject to all regulations governing the use of motor vehicles on campus. Motorized scooters owned by any faculty, staff or student member and parked on campus must be registered and display a permit.

Dedicated parking areas for motorized scooters have been established across the Harvard University campus and must be utilized by motorized scooter operators. Motorized scooters are prohibited from:

  • Parking in any areas that are not a specifically designated for motorized scooter parking
  • Parking in any facility specifically designated for bicycles such as racks or shelters
  • Parking next to or locked to poles, street signs or fences
  • Parking on sidewalks or pedestrian walkways
  • Parking in a space reserved for the handicapped without a designated license plate or placard

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