Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (ECS)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (ECS)

The University is pleased to support electric charging stations throughout campus. At this time there is no cost beyond an annual permit to utilize these stations.

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Harvard’s Parking Services has installed electric car charging stations at the following locations:

One Western Avenue Garage, Boston - 8 stations on P1 level
10 Akron Garage - 2 stations on P1 ramp
10 Everett Garage - 11 stations on P2 level
5 Cowperthwaite Garage - 2 stations on P1 ramp
52 Oxford Garage – 10 stations on P2 level
Broadway Garage - 3 stations on P1 level, 3 stations on P2 level
Harvard innovation Lab (iLab), 125 Western Avenue, Allston - 2 stations
Peabody Terrace Garage – 3 stations on bottom level
Soldiers Field Park Garage, Boston – 4 stations on P1
Teele Hall, 230 Western Avenue, Allston - 2 stations
25 Travis Lot - 2 stations
Observatory Lot - 2 stations


Faculty, staff, and students wishing to use one of the stations on campus must first purchase an ECS permit. Currently, all the electric charging stations on campus are considered a shared resource. The stations were installed to help supplement ECS permit holders' energy needs when they are away from home. Individual ECS permit holders should not expect to have a dedicated space available to them at all times. To balance demand, new ECS permit holders may need to relocate to a facility that has lower requests. If ECS permit holders do not need to charge their vehicles, we strongly encourage you to park elsewhere in the garage or lot.

Parking Services is creating an electric vehicle charging station policy that will address demand and costs. In addition, we are looking at investing in new technology, such as the DC Fast Charge stations, to better serve the community.

To accommodate growth of the program, a permit holder wishing to participate will need to relocate to a facility that supports electric charging stations.

Stations will be marked with the following signage:

  • Restricted Parking
  • Electric Car
  • Charging Station
  • Hangtags Only


Individuals interested in using one of the electric charging stations should contact the Campus Service Center at 617-496-7827 or campusservicecenter@harvard.edu.

Thank you for your dedication to sustainability.

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