Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (ECS)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (ECS)

Harvard Parking Services has made substantial changes to the Electric Charging Station (ECS) program to enhance equity and access to campus resources for electric vehicle (EV) commuters. This policy is designed to keep stations as accessible as possible for those who need them the most – i.e., those who need a supplemental charge to have enough range to return home. The policy also prioritizes campus tenants and departmental vehicles which support University activities and who must rely on campus energy as their primary power source. 

Electric vehicle charging station policy:

  • EV chargers can only be used by active ECS permit holders.
  • EV chargers are a shared campus resource and should be treated as such by all users.
  • EV chargers should only be used by those who feel they need a supplemental charge to safely return home. Those with an ECS permit who have a sufficient charge may park in the facility associated with their permit but should not park in an EV space.
  • When possible, fully charged vehicles should be relocated elsewhere in the lot/garage given the limited nature of campus stations.
  • In some locations there may be more ECS permit holders than chargers. Access to chargers is not guaranteed, and permit holders should work with each other to coordinate charger access for those with the most need. Each permit holder will have access to a Microsoft Group associated with their specific parking location to communicate with fellow EV permit holders.

Harvard Parking Services prioritizes the following parameters to support parkers who need charging access the most using the parameters in the list below:

  1. Primary or secondary charge need (i.e. tenant or commuter)
  2. Distance between campus and home
  3. EV range (make, model, age of vehicle)
  4. Time on waitlist

Transportation Services is working on expanding the number of EV chargers on campus as electrical capacity allows. As of now, there is no additional cost for EV permit holders, but this pricing structure, and all parking policies, are subject to change.

Individuals interested in signing up for an ECS permit can join the waitlist here.


Electric Vehicle Charger Locations

One Western Avenue Garage, Boston - 8 stations on P1 level
10 Akron Garage - 2 stations on P1 ramp
10 Everett Garage - 11 stations on P2 level
5 Cowperthwaite Garage - 2 stations on P1 ramp
52 Oxford Garage – 10 stations on P2 level
Broadway Garage - 3 stations on P1 level, 3 stations on P2 level
Harvard innovation Lab (iLab), 125 Western Avenue, Allston - 2 stations
Peabody Terrace Garage – 3 stations on bottom level
Soldiers Field Park Garage, Boston – 4 stations on P1
Teele Hall, 230 Western Avenue, Allston - 2 stations
25 Travis Lot - 2 stations
Observatory Lot - 2 stations



How do I know where my place is on the waitlist?

The Campus Service Center manages the waitlist. Your place on the waitlist may vary as several factors are considered. The waitlist prioritizes those who need a charge to safely commute to and from campus, i.e., those with a more limited vehicle range and who live farther away from campus.

Am I guaranteed access to EV chargers with an ECS Permit?

No. Chargers are a shared resource for the campus community, and access is not guaranteed. If you cannot charge your vehicle, you may still park in your associated garage or lot with your parking permit.

Where can I find information about nearby charging stations?

Additional EV charging stations in the area can be found through PlugShare.

Is there a carpool EV program?

Yes. Benefits-eligible Harvard employees and postdocs not living on campus, along with contractors covered by the University Wage and Benefit Parity Policy who carpool to the Cambridge or Allston/Brighton campuses at least four days per week, are eligible for on-campus parking in unreserved garages and lots at a reduced rate of 50% off for a two-person carpool and 75% off for three or more person carpool. Program details are here.

How do I use campus chargers?

Click here for a brief video tutorial.



    For Customer Service Support, Please Visit The Campus Service Center

    For information about visiting the Campus Service Center, click here.