Nonresident Student Driver

Nonresident Student Driver

Nonresident Student Driver Statements And Decals

The Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law requires out-of-state students bringing vehicles into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to file a nonresident driver statement with the local police department in the city in which their university is located: "IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR A NONRESIDENT STUDENT TO FAIL TO FILE A NONRESIDENT DRIVER STATEMENT WITH THE POLICE DEPARTMENT LOCATED IN THE SAME CITY OR TOWN AS THE SCHOOL OF COLLEGE ATTENDED, IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 3 OF CHAPTER 90 OF THE MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL LAWS. FAILURE TO FILE SUCH STATEMENT IS PUNISHABLE BY A FINE NOT TO EXCEED $200."


1. Complete the Nonresident Driver Statement:

2. Mail or bring the completed Nonresident Driver Statement to our offices or to the address below:

            The Parking Office

            Campus Service Center, 8th Floor

            1350 Massachusetts Avenue

            Cambridge, MA 02138

3. Upon receipt and processing, student will receive a nonresident student driver decal from the University Parking Office.

4. Display decal prominently in the uppermost center portion of the vehicle’s windshield.

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