Full Service Shuttle by Routes

Full Service Shuttle by Routes

Each day, Shuttle Services supports Harvard's mission by efficiently transporting thousands of students, faculty and staff across the University.

Major stops include: HiLab, Business School, Kennedy School of Government, Law School, Maxwell Dworkin, Memorial Hall, The Quad, River Houses, Widener Gate, and Lamont Library. Harvard Shuttles are open to all members of the Harvard Community, including faculty, staff and students. From our low-floor and lift-equipped buses to our door-to-door paratransit van service, Harvard's entire system is accessible for riders of all abilities.

For real-time Shuttle information, log on to ShuttleTracker.

Academic Year Routes


Quad SEC Direct

Quad - Harvard Square - Stadium - Barry's Corner - SEC

Morning & Afternoon, Mon - Fri

Allston Loop
Allston Campus - Harvard Square - Memorial Hall

Morning & Afternoon, Mon - Fri
Evening & Nights, Mon - Fri
Weekends & Holidays
Crimson Cruiser
Quad - Mather House - Via Memorial Hall
Weekends & Holidays
Mather Express
Memorial Hall Via Harvard Square
Morning  Mon - Fri
Quad Express
Quad- Memorial Hall
Morning  Mon - Fri
Quad Stadium
Quad - River Houses - Harvard Square
Mornings, Mon - Sat
Quad Yard Express
Lamont - Harvard Square
Evening & Nights, Mon - Fri
Mather Express, Crimson Cruiser, Overnight
Harvard Square - Quad - Memorial Hall - Lamont
Evening & Nights, Mon - Fri
Extended Overnight
Quad - Mather House via Memorial Hall
Overnight Service
Quad – Peabody Terrace - Mather House - Via Memorial Hall

Weekends & Holidays

    Bike On Shuttles

    Bicyclists have open access to our entire shuttle system. You can combine the freedom of riding your bicycle to work or class with the convenience of using Shuttles around campus during inclement weather or at night. Bikes are allowed on all buses equipped with bike racks at any time.

    Shuttle Stops

    Bus stops are marked with special crimson, red and white signs. If you wish to exit at a non-designated stop, please inform the driver when boarding. Drivers will make requested stops whenever it is safe to do so.