Temporary Parking General Info

All campus visitors must purchase and display a valid daily permit. Please note that visitors requiring accessible parking must contact the University Disability Services to request. Use of Harvard University HP spaces requires a Harvard University HP permit. For more information on accessible parking, click here.

NOTE: The daily visitor weekday rate is $22.00 per permit. The cost for visitor's permits valid after 5:00 p.m. on weeknights, or all day Saturday or Sunday, is $11.00 per permit.

Visitors to campus include:

  • visitors of faculty and University departments, including researchers, research subjects, guest lecturers, etc.
  • one-day or short-term (i.e. less than one week) contract workers
  • visitors participating in University-sponsored events and programs
  • prospective students and their families
  • visitors participating in non-University-sponsored, on-campus events and programs
  • alumni visitors to campus.

Temporary and daily parking permits must be obtained on behalf of all department guests and visitors to the University. Temporary parking permits may be purchased using our self service Online Daily Permit purchasing system, or from the Campus Service Center at Smith Campus Center (formerly Holyoke Center) 8th Floor, 1350 Massachusetts Avenue.

Temporary permits are meant for visitors and commuters needing occasional parking. Daily permits are not intended for regular faculty, staff or student usage

If it is necessary to cancel a temporary permit after it has been purchased, the permit, whether purchased online or from the Parking Office, must be returned to the Parking Office prior to the date printed on the permit. Cancellations will not be considered if the permit has expired.

    For Customer Service Support, Please Visit The Campus Service Center

    For information about visiting the Campus Service Center, click here.