First Year Week/Undergrad Move in

First Year Week/Undergrad Move in

Monday August 23rd – Monday August 30th

We will provide the following service:

Shuttle Service:

Crimson Cruiser                    Every 35 minutes, 8:15AM-4:20PM                 Every Day

1636’er                                 Every 20 minutes, 4:20PM-12:25AM               Every Day

Allston Loop                         Every 30 minutes, 7:00AM-7:00PM                 Monday – Friday

Quad Stadium Direct             Every 30 minutes, 6:00AM-7:00 PM                Monday – Friday


Daytime Van Service:

8:00AM-7:00PM                                                                                        Monday – Friday

Evening Van Service:                                                                                            

7:00PM-11:30PM                                                                                       Every Day


Please note that on Monday, August 30th all fixed route shuttle service will be suspended from 7:00AM-4:00PM to support the Day of Service. Freshmen week service will resume at 4:20PM

Full service begins on August 31st.